It’s not all about skips! Despite the clue in the name, Skip UK doesn’t just offer skip hire. We provide a comprehensive waste management service, which includes a Man and a Van service.

Skip hire vs. Man with a van:

Both services involve disposing of large amounts of waste, but the choice depends on specific requirements. Skips come in various sizes depending on the load amount and type of waste, offering a convenient and centralized waste disposal solution. Skips are usually hired for a couple of weeks, making them ideal for large projects where waste can be accumulated over a longer period.

However, certain projects are better suited to a Man and a Van service. This service is typically chosen for time-constrained projects or when assistance with transportation or moving is required.

Why use a Man with a Van?

  • Useful when you need to quickly dispose of a large amount of waste.
  • Saves multiple trips to the tip by consolidating all waste into one load.
  • Perfect solution for waste collection from isolated or busy areas like city centers, where obtaining skip permits is difficult. A Man with a Van does not need a permit.
  • The driver will help you load the waste into the van, saving time and providing assistance for bulky waste that requires two people.
  • Ideal for both commercial and domestic customers.
  • Available in various sizes, with some vans capable of holding up to 3 tonnes of waste.
  • For time-specific projects, this service can usually offer a 2-hour time slot of your choice, so you know when to expect the driver.

Our other waste management services:

Grab Lorry/Muck Away:

  • Our grab lorry service is most popular for jobs where waste needs to be quickly and completely removed without the need for multiple skips or when access is too tight for a skip.
  • When waste is located on or near a public highway, there is no requirement for a road permit to place a skip.
  • Grab lorries are operated by the driver, so you don’t need to load them, allowing you to focus on other tasks on site.
  • Our Grab lorries have a long reach capacity, making it easy to retrieve waste from over fences or walls, making them perfect for sites with difficult access.
  • They can carry up to 16 tonnes of waste (at least 2 skip loads) in one trip, saving you time and money compared to loading skips.
  • Available for any kind of waste but especially effective for quick and efficient removal of large volumes of soil or rubble.

Hazardous Waste Removal:

  • Hazardous waste encompasses a wide range of waste types, from household items like batteries, oil, and cleaning products to large volumes of contaminated soils and asbestos.
  • Certain types of hazardous waste can only be removed using specific methods. Contact us for more details.

Wheelie Bin Service:

  • Ideal if you generate trade waste from your business premises, as most recycling centers no longer accept commercial waste.
  • We can provide bins for specific waste types, allowing you to separate and recycle, making your business more environmentally friendly and sustainable.
  • Easy to maneuver and put out for collection, with designated collection days each week or fortnight.
  • Color-coded or labeled bins make recycling easy.
  • Available for General Waste, Dry Mixed Recyclables, Single waste streams such as paper, card, or plastic, Hazardous waste, or Food waste. We have bins available for most waste types, easily identifiable for everyone using them.
  • Available in a range of different sizes.

Waste Reports:

With a strong emphasis on the environment and sustainability, and service being one of our main focuses, our waste reporting service can provide you with a detailed insight into the percentage of each waste type being removed from your site and how much is being reused or recycled.