All businesses that work in a waste management related industry have a story to tell. Usually the bad and the ugly because what’s interesting about a good skip hire story?!?

So, this week we share with you some of the stories we’ve heard along the way in our rendition of The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!

Let’s begin with….The Ugly

We’ve all heard the saying “If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is”… When you dig a little deeper, it often turns out to be not such a great deal after all, owing to restrictions and hidden charges, or because it is simply too cheap to trust at all! Unfortunately, as is the case in most industries, some people just don’t play by the rules! So beware: if your waste is not being handled correctly by a licensed handler, it could rebound on you as the waste producer! 

Don’t be tempted by the cowboys, call the good guys!

Not as bad as ‘The Ugly’ but still bad!

Did you know one in five skip hire stories end in disappointment? (Google stats) A common story we hear is that a booked skip doesn’t turn up, or the customer has been left annoyed or disappointed by their experience. The worst thing to happen for a busy site manager is to have to ring around chasing sub-contractors, it wastes valuable time and causes serious deadline headaches.

Skip UK always recommends using trusted sub-contractors, preferably those you have used before. Unfortunately, a lot of time gets wasted when the proper research and due diligence has been neglected.

And finally…The Good!

When a skip is arranged, arrives on time, leaves on time and disposed of correctly. Job done.

A successful scenario that isn’t spoken about, because this is how it should be every time isn’t it? Working with Skip UK means just that. You call us, we source and arrange whilst getting you the best price possible, we manage, we correct any issues, we invoice you. The end.

It really is that simple, give us a call today: 01763 252080