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As well as skip hire, we also offer a whole host of other waste management service that span across the whole of the UK and cover a wide range of sectors. You may benefit from one of the below services as an alternative to hiring a skip.

We have listed the waste management services that we can offer below and highlighted the benefits to help you decide which is best for you, but please contact us if you would like to discuss your needs further and one of our waste experts will be happy to advise on which service is best for you to suit your specific requirements.


Caged Vehicle/Man & Van

  • Useful if you have an abundance of waste that needs to go quickly
  • Saves you multiple trips to the dump as everything can fit into the cage lorry in one go
  • Good for busy areas such as city centres where you’re unable to site a skip meaning no permit charges
  • Driver will help you to load the waste into the lorry freeing up more time for you to begetting on with other jobs
  • Perfect for Commercial or Domestic Customers
  • Available in various sizes and some can hold up to 3 tonne of waste.
  • Can normally offer a 2 hour time slot of your choice so you know what time to expect the driver.

Grab Lorry/Muck Away

Our grab lorry service is most popular on jobs where waste needs to be removed quickly and in one go without the need to load multiple skips, or when access is too tight for a skip.

  • Where waste is located on or near a public highway, there would be no requirement for a road permit to site a skip.
  • Grab lorries are driver operated meaning you don’t need to do the loading, leaving you to carry on with other jobs around site.
  • Our Grab lorries have a long reach capacity which makes it easy to ‘grab’ waste from over fences or walls so perfect for sites with difficult access.
  • Can carry up to 16 tonne of waste (atleast 2 skip loads) in one load saving you time loading a skip and money.
  • Available for any kind of waste types but especially good for quick and efficient removal of large volumes of soil or rubble.

Hazardous Waste Removal

  • Hazardous waste covers a fairly large range of waste types from household items such as batteries, oil & cleaning products to large volumes of contaminated soils and asbestos.
  • Certain types of hazardous waste can only be removed via certain methods, contact us for more detail.

Wheelie Bin Service

  • Ideal if you are generating trade waste from your business premises as most recycling centres will no longer take any commercial waste.
  • We can send out bins for specific waste types instead of putting everything in one general waste bin bag making your business greener and more sustainable.
  • Easy to Manoeuvre and put out for collection with set days each week or fortnight for empties.
  • Colour coded or labelled bins to make recycling easy.
  • Available for General Waste, Dry Mixed Recyclables, Single waste stream such as paper, card or Plastic, Hazardous or Food – we have bins available for most waste types which are easily identifiable for everyone using them.
  • Available in a range of different sizes

Waste Reports

  • With a huge emphasis on the environment and sustainability and service being one of our main focuses, our waste reporting service can give you a detailed insight into exactly what percentage of each waste type is being removed from your site and how much of it is being re-used or recycled.
  • We can also provide waste transfer notes on each movement of your skip from beginning to end and supply monthly waste breakdown reports.
  • Simply let us know you would like to use this service when placing your initial delivery order and we will ensure we send these through to you automatically without you having to chase us for them.

Our network allows us to access over 1,200 skip hire & waste disposal centres across the whole of the UK from the North of Scotland to the South West of England. 

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