You’ve just re-decorated your house or office, or finished a big renovation and you need to clear up the remaining waste, or you’ve just moved in to a new property and you need to clear the loft/garage of the pile of paint tins that have been accumulated over the years.

Easy right?…

Not always as easy as you would hope!

Paint is actually classed as a hazardous waste and is banned in all landfills due to the potential harm the chemicals in it can cause to humans, animals and the environment, thus making it a very expensive type of waste to dispose of in a skip. Pouring it down the drain should also not be an option unless you want to do substantial damage to the environment and wildlife, or risk blocking up the pipes, not to mention it’s illegal and you can face huge fines if you’re caught.

Well, we can help you and advise on how to get rid of your left over unused paint, or those old dried up paint tins.

  1. Ask friends and family if they can use any of your leftover paint, or advertise it on sites such as Freecycle, Gumtree & Facebook.
  2. It’s only wet paint that can not be accepted in the waste, so dry it out by adding something absorbent like cat litter or sawdust then once completely dry the tins can go in your general waste bin at home. For much smaller amounts, paint old newspapers and leave them to dry then leave the tins to air and dry out too before popping it in your general waste. Just make sure you leave the lids off so the waste carrier can see you’ve dried them out.
  3. Donate your paint to a local community project such as Community Repaint – emulsions are largely welcomed on sites like this and it’s really easy to donate on the website by popping in your postcode and finding our your local drop off point.
  4. If you have large amounts of tins and you don’t mind paying a little extra for the convenience of chucking them in a skip, call us for a price and we can arrange this for you.

We can also help you to dispose of your paint responsibly by arranging a skip or a collection for it – simply give us a call on 01763 252080 or email us –